Dr. Daoud Nassimi is a professor of Islam at Shenandoah University and NOVA College in Virginia. He is serving as a member of Shari’ah Council of ICNA and he served as the Vice-Chairman of Council of Muslim Organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for 7 years. He is a regular speaker of Islam at media, universities, as well as local and national Muslim conventions. Also, he has been volunteering to teach at various Muslim community centers and serve as an Imam, Khateeb, teacher, family and youth counselor.

Dr. Nassimi has a unique and combined educational background in Engineering and Islamic Studies. After finishing his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University and working in the field of telecommunications and satellite communication for many years, because of his passion for serving Islam and the community he decided to move his career from engineering to Islamic Studies. Dr. Nassimi started his academic Islamic studies in 1995 by first studying the Arabic language in Imam Muhammad University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Then, he moved to Virginia to join Institute of Arabic and Islamic Sciences. Later, he earned a second Master’s degree in Islamic Studies at Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (later called Cordoba University) in 2004, and then he finished his PhD in Islamic Studies from University of Birmingham in England in 2008. His PhD thesis was on a comparative review of English translations of the Qur’an.