Dr. Khan holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, serves on the faculty for the Department of Education, and is the author of 7 books. She appears regularly as a lecturer, panelist, and speaker on talk shows, various speaking venues, and prestigious universities such as Adelphi University and Hofstra University. She speaks on Islam and Psychology, Education, Mental health, and Domestic Violence.

Dr. Khan is regularly interviewed by various researchers, magazine editors, and journalists on Mental Health, such as Columbia University. Her other contributions include she is the CEO of the A.K.K.I Inc. which helps domestic violence victims, victims of In-Law Abuse (emotional and physical), victims of sexual abuse by family members, victims of family drug abuse. Her YouTube channel called Finding Emotional Freedom has impacted many individuals and families as Dr. Khan speaks about pertinent taboo topics to help society at large.

Furthermore, she has conducted and published research on parent-school communication and its effects on elementary school children. Dr. Khan has developed a protocol to help increase reading achievement in schools. In addition, she has helped promote sexual abuse awareness and preventive measures in elementary schools.

Her books include Yippee! Ramadan is Over, It’s Eid, Yippee, It’s Ramadan! and School Home Communication and Reading Achievement in Kindergarten Children, Yippee! It’s Eid-ul Adha, Dr. Farjana’s Life Hacks, Kill the Codependent in You, and The Watch Yourself Mental Health Curriculum. Acknowledgement of her book is in the School Library Journal. Lastly, Dr. Khan has made television appearances regarding current events and best practices in education.