Dr. Hatem Bazian is a scholar of religion, politics, and globalization whose field specialties include Islamic Law, Awqaf and Fatawa Texts, Classical Arabic, Palestine, Islamophobia, Diaspora and Comparative Immigration, American Law and Society, Arab and Arab American Studies, Race Theory and History, Colonialism, Post-Colonial and De-colonial Studies, Ethnic Studies, Multi-Cultural and Cross-Cultural Studies, International Relations and Globalization, Social and Political Movement, Comparative Liberation Theologies, Languages, and Media.

Dr. Bazian is also a professor in the Departments of Near Eastern and Ethnic Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and an adviser to the Religion, Politics, and Globalization Center there. Prior to his post at Zaytuna College, he taught at UC Berkeley School of Law; UC Davis; San Francisco State University; Graduate Theological Union; Saint Mary’s College; and Diablo Valley College.

Dr. Bazian earned his PhD at UC Berkeley in Near Eastern Studies in 2000. His PhD thesis, titled “Al-Quds in Islamic Consciousness: A Textual Survey of Muslim Claims and Rights to the Sacred City,” contributes to better understanding of Muslim attachment and informed political attitudes toward the sacred city of Jerusalem and Palestine in general.