Home Schooling Track

HOME and ICNA present National High School graduation and recognition ceremony.  This track also features four parallel sessions on topics listed below.

Successful Homeschooling – What homeschooling entails, how to get started and sustain a home learning environment, how to choose curricula and books, how to manage your time while homeschooling.
Father’s Role in Home Education– how the father contributes to the education and upbringing of the child, how he contributes to learning while working a full time job, being a supportive husband/father during¬† homeschooling.
Hifdh and Homeschooling– how to memorize the quran and hoemschool without falling behind, how to manage your daily schedule while memorizing the Quran and homeschooling, how to support your child through this challenging but rewarding journey.
Navigating high school and college prep– What you need to know in high school in order to prepare for college, what classes to take/what is transferable, SAT/ACT prep, dual enrollment while homeschooling.
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