Contestants will be given 15 minutes to prepare a dish utilizing ALL the items provided in the Mystery Basket. Other ingredients can
be supplemented using the ICNA Pantry, which can consist of spices, vegetables, fruits, bread, etc… Contestants will be cooking on stage
using a burner and will be provided all cooking utensils. Contestant will then be judged by a panel of 3 judges.

Prepping/cooking items that will be provided:
1- Burners
2- Pantry Items – like spices, fruits and veggies, tortillas, oil, etc.
3- Mystery Baskets – Mystery item placed in baskets
4- Utensils – fry pan, mixing spoons, knives, towels, cutting boards

Contestant Rules:
Contestant will be given a mystery box to make a dish in 15 mins
Contestant will be judged on taste, creativity, technique and plating
Contestant can use their station and pantry with the equipment and items provided to them like cooking, prepping and plating tools, food, spices, etc
Contestant must use all ingredient in their mystery basket
Make sure your meats are cooked through!
Contestant will need to make one plate/one serving that all three
judges can taste. Make sure your portion size is enough for a bite size for each judge (i.e. at least three bite sizes)
Contestant is encouraged to transform the ingredients. For example, if we give you an apple, you cannot slice it and put it on a plate, you have to do something with it. 🙂 We want to see creativity and technique!
Contestant will be asked for their thoughts during cook-off segment.

Be prepared to explain what you are doing
Once time is up, contestants cannot continue to plate/cook food
Hands up! A timer will be up on the display
After cook off time is complete, contestant will come up separately to explain their dish (ingredients) and inspiration for their dish
Be careful with knives, burner, etc. We will have a first aid kit handy just in case
Have fun!

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