Imam Chebli is a native of Lebanon and attended one of the most prestigious Islamic institutions in the world, Al–Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, where he received his master’s in Islamic Canonical Law. He has been the religious leader of ISCJ since 1986, where he makes Muslims and non–Muslims feel welcome.

The depth of his faith and scholarship, his commanding dignity, and the warmth of his personality make him the most prominent and attractive figure of Islam in our region. In a period where the public understanding of Islam has grown greatly, we are fortunate to have Imam Chebli in our community.

He has worked hard to build interfaith dialogue and public understanding, serving as a member of the North and South Brunswick Diversity Committee and of the regional clergy association. Most recently, New Jersey’s Governor appointed Imam Chebli to the Governor’s Leadership Summit on Diversity.

He and I have a friendship and association that has lasted many years, especially since September 2001, and I greatly value our friendship.

Imam Chebli is the proud husband of Mona Rich, and he is the loving father of their six children; Ahmad, Muhammad, Maryam, Mahmood, Khalid, and Marwa; and the loving grandfather to seven grandchildren.