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Extemporaneous Speech Competition2022-05-05T12:48:05-04:00

Extemporaneous Speech Competition at the ICNA-MAS CONVENTION 2022

WHAT:  Impromptu, the Extemporaneous Speech competition will judge your ability to speak on a topic in an organized and poised manner with only a few minutes of preparation. Watch a video to learn all about this competition.  Muslim Youth of middle and high school age interested in competing in this competition are invited to complete this registration form by May 15, 2022.

WHO: Open for only middle and high school students

  • Middle School: Grades 7-9
  • High School: Grades 10-12

WHY:  In our fast-paced lives, you may come across situations where you have to react quickly and speak in an impromptu manner. It could be that your masjid needs a last-minute speaker for a khutbah or evening program. Maybe you are in the elevator with a CEO and you want to share your business pitch within a few seconds. Or perhaps you are at a dinner party and you want to join one of the many conversations discussing various topics. In these situations or others, how do you prepare yourself to speak compellingly and in an organized manner? You can practice and showcase these skills through the Extemporaneous Speech competition!

HOW: You will be given the exact prompt aligning with the ICNA-MAS Convention theme during the competition and will have 30 minutes to prepare a 5 to 7 minutes presentation based on your personal knowledge and optionally with references. If you decide to join this exciting competition, your speech will be graded on the basis of content and ideas, presentation and delivery, and precision of language. Your goal should be to prepare and present, not to memorize and recollect.

WHEN & WHERE: The virtual qualifying rounds will take place between May 15-22.  The winners of the virtual competition will compete in-person at the ICNA-MAS Convention on Sunday, May 29, 2022 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Maryland.

Please register here:    https://tinyurl.com/extempt22


For questions, please contact Info@mafiq.org

  • Middle School and High School Students must meet grade categories as defined
  • Participants shortlisted for finals must confirm their in-person participation for the finals by May 25, 2022. Else the next candidate with be offered participation in the finals.
  • Participants and accompanying parents must comply with the guidelines.
  • No interaction is allowed during the 30min preparation time. Participant must sit at the designated location during the preparation time.
  • Participants may reference books, articles, stories, Quranic verses, ahadith, etc. if they wish to do so. However, they will not be allowed to carry/use anything except a flashcard, provided at the venue, to refer during the speech. Participants may make notes, points on that flashcard for reference.
  • Questions or disputes concerning the judging must be brought to the attention of the Event Director in writing at info@Mafiq.org.

This agreement for participation (“Agreement”) made effective this 1st of January 2016, by and between Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and Muslim American Society (MAS), its organizers, and staff (“ICNA/MAS”) and conference participant(s) and/or their Guardians (“Participant(s)”). Participant desires to participate in a ICNA/MAS Qur’an Competition; ICNA/MAS makes no express warranties of its intentions, desires, hopes, or aspirations, with respect to participation of any particular individual(s). NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, the parties hereto agree as follows: You grant ICNA/MAS the right in perpetuity to publish the work on its websites and through our partner sites in accordance with our Terms & Conditions of use, and to use it in publicity material. ICNA/MAS also has the right to take audio/video/pictures material of the participants, keep any of your submissions for publicity, communication (through emails, website. etc) and marketing purposes. You grant permission for your material to be reviewed, judged, awarded, and edited for publication and web delivery according to our requirements (This means you waive your moral rights in the work for the purposes of its submission to and use by ICNA/MAS and also for use by its partners). ICNA/MAS is not liable for participants’ failure to review these Terms and Conditions. Anyone republishing material from the ICNA/MAS website, any of its partner sites, or any of its publications without prior permission is liable for any resulting infringement of copyright. In the case of any copyright claims, ICNA/MAS reserves the right to disclose the true names and any other contact information of authors writing under pen names or anonymity to any legal authority that requests it. ICNA/MAS reserves the right to reject material on the grounds of copyright infringement, offensiveness or other legal considerations. ICNA/MAS is under no obligation to publish, review, judge, or award any work submitted. ICNA/MAS is working with several publishers and other local and national resellers. You agree not to hold ICNA/MAS, any of its Conference Hosts, namely but not limited to: Hotels, Banquet Halls, or any other Hosting Facilities liable for any personal injury claims arising out of, in commission of, or subsequent to, participation at ICNA/MAS Qur’an Competition or its events. ICNA/MAS organizers reserve the right to dismiss, cancel and/or disqualify any participant without any liability at any time with immediate effect any participant who tampers with the operation of the competition or competition site or violates the terms and conditions or any other applicable laws and regulations. ICNA/MAS cannot guarantee return of any item you submit to us so be sure to keep a copy. If you are a minor, then you are required to have a parent or guardian cosign this agreement. ICNA/MAS cannot accept consent forms submitted by minors without an accompanying parental signature. If you are unclear about any aspect of this consent form, you may contact ICNA/MAS by mail or email.

How many winners will be announced?2022-04-10T22:43:17-04:00

First and second for both categories will be felicitated.

Can I use my ipad or phone during the speech?2022-04-10T22:42:13-04:00

No. Only a flashcard provided at the venue may be used for making notes and referencing it during the speech.

I am in 9th grade; can I participate in High school category?2022-04-10T22:41:39-04:00

No. Categories are defined as below:

  • Middle School: Grades 7-9
  • High School: Grades 10-12
I missed the registration deadline; is there a way I can still register?2022-04-10T22:40:10-04:00

Please email info@mafiq.org and we will let you know if there is a possibility to still register.

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