Treasures of Tomorrow: Cultivating A Movement

In order to protect the future of our faith, it is vital to recognize all the challenges that are
posing major threats to our Ummah. The most concerning of these is the steady rise of
Islamophobia and Godlessness amongst our youth. Ensuring that we have tethered ourselves
individually to our Rabb will enable us to build a community that is ultimately able to withstand
these trials. With the spread of the pandemic, now more than ever it has become necessary to
reconnect to our faith. Experiencing this tragedy has shaken us all back to the ultimate Truth: all
of us will inevitably return to our Creator.

The time has come to not just acknowledge this life as sacred, but to live it accordingly.
This can only become possible when we detach from the endeavors of this world and attach
ourselves to the Next. Then, when we are living in submission to the One, we will be able to find
contentment even in this dunya. For He assures us, “We will surely cause (the righteous believer)
to live a good life” (16:97).

If there is a perfect time to call upon our Lord, that time is now. If there is an optimal
time to connect and to repent, that time is now. If there is an ideal time to pour our hearts and
souls into sujood, to recall that electric feeling of our heads pressing into the ground, that time is
now. Only then will we be able to grasp the reality that the keys to cultivating a movement — to
discovering the Treasures of Tomorrow — are enclosed in our very fists.