Supporting Entrepreneurship


The MOVE Venture Challenge invites entrepreneurs to seek funding from a panel of renowned Muslim investors. Businesses and startups are invited to present their product(s) or company to a panel of investors in hopes of securing funding.

Opening Opportunities


The MOVE Venture Challenge is designed to support and reward Muslim entrepreneurs who are pursuing an idea, developing a technology, and have a new approach to a difficult market problem.

Connecting Capital


By creating a platform to connect Muslim entrepreneurs with funders, we can ensure entrepreneurs have access to funds and expertise and can adequately absorb capital injections. At the same time, the platform will provide funders opportunities to invest in startups and collectively increase wealth in the Muslim community. The close collaboration between investors and entrepreneurs will promote mutual understanding of investment expectations.

See If You Meet the Requirements


Businesses must be 51% Muslim-owned Start-up & Established businesses whether product or service based. Participate in all prerequisite requirements including attending mandatory information sessions, creating a 2 minute taped pitch for submission, etc.

Room # 316
Sunday, May 28th 2023
11 AM - 5 PM

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