Imam Abu Sumayyah is a Puerto Rican Revert who accepted Islam in 1998. He is a graduate of Mishkah University and has completed his BA in Islamic studies.

He has received training in areas such as: marriage and youth counseling, youth mentor-ship and leadership, mental health first responder, issues pertaining specifically to converts in America, dawah, and much more.

He was the vice president of Islamic DOOR from 2008-2012. The president of Latino Muslims of Chicago from 2010-2012. A regular khateeb and lecturer in NJ from 2012-present.

The national speaker and main fundraiser for IslamInSpanish and main figure in establishing the IslamInSpanish centro Islamico in Houston TX.

He is currently the Co-Founder and President of Misericordia Para La Humanidad, the 3 Puerto Rican Imams Projects, Esperanza Community Hub, and Lebron Home Remodeling.

He has successfully lead many dawah and relief efforts in Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. For more info regarding Imam Abu Sumayyah please refer to his facebook page.