Welcome to the Poetry Slam page, where we bring together the power of words and the magic of the stage!

We are proud to announce that Strange Inc., a non-profit publishing house based in New York, is hosting this year’s Poetry Slam. As an organization committed to elevating the authentic voices of Muslim women, we see the Poetry Slam as a vital platform for these voices to be heard.

DATE & Time

  • Sunday May 26th, 2024- 3:30pm – 5:00pm


  • Rooms 324-326

We invite all talented poets to sign up for the Poetry Slam and let their words speak for them. And for attendees, get ready for an unforgettable event of poetry that will inspire and uplift you.

As we approach the competition, we want to remind everyone of some important do's and don'ts:



We encourage you to bring your best work and pour your heart into your performance. Give it your all and let your passion shine through!
Use this platform to express yourself authentically and share your truth through your poetry. Embrace your unique voice and perspective.
Respect is key in our poetry slam community. Please treat fellow contenders and all attendees with kindness and consideration.
Be open to feedback from the judges. It's an opportunity for growth and improvement as a poet. Embrace the chance to learn and evolve in your craft.


Please refrain from plagiarizing or using someone else's work. We value originality and creativity in our poetry slam competition.
No, we encourage participants to craft their pieces without the use of AI-generated content. Let your unique voice and perspective shine through in your poetry.
It's essential to maintain respect for others in your content. Avoid disrespectful language or themes that may offend or harm others.
Please be mindful and refrain from being disruptive or disrespectful during someone else's performance. Let's create a supportive and respectful environment for all participants.

Date & Time