PLEASE NOTE: We cannot provide services for infants and children under three years of age or any child three years old who are not potty trained.

Our Mission


To provide child care that meets the needs of each child and family in a safe environment. We are committed to provide children with healthy and positive social interactions through fun and learning together while providing quality reliable and safe child care. A team of dedicated staff who are trained will be providing child care for our Saturday and Sunday programs.

Why Childcare?


Parent(s) can leave their child(ren) with our dedicated staff and enjoy the sessions throughout the day. ICNACON 2023 child care offers services that feel more like a family and a place like home. We want parents to be comfortable in leaving their child(ren) without worries. Children can enjoy the weekend with fun activities that are age appropriate and parents can enjoy the various sessions and bazaar for the weekend.

Highlights of our Program:


Registration Fees:


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What we offer!


2 sessions each day

Lunch / DINNER

Parents will take their child(ren) for Lunch and Dinner.

Children will be divided in 3 groups:

  • Children will be divided according to their age in separate rooms