ICNA Sisters, founded in 1978, emerged in response to the increasing demand for a nurturing Muslim community in North America. This grassroots organization addresses the educational, outreach, and social welfare needs of its diverse community. Over the years, ICNA Sisters has extended its influence throughout the United States, remaining deeply engaged in local communities.


  • Invitation

    Extending an invitation to all humanity to embrace submission to the Creator through every available means of communication.

  • Motivation

    Empowering Muslim women to embrace their role as witnesses unto mankind through their words and actions, driving motivation and positive change.

  • Organization

    Bringing together individuals committed to advancing this cause within the structured framework of ICNA Sisters' discipline.

  • Self Development

    Providing educational and training avenues tailored for Muslim women, empowering them to deepen their understanding of Islam and refine their character.



VISION: ICNA Sisters will be an innovative, agile, and credible source of institutional support for connecting muslim women with Allah (God), with individuals, and within the community.


For more information please visit our website: www.icnasisters.org



During the Baltimore convention, ICNA Sisters organizes dedicated programming by and for women, featuring a Main Hall session and parallel sessions in English and Urdu led by renowned speakers from diverse backgrounds. These engaging sessions will explore women's roles in strengthening faith and unity within the Ummah and preparing future generations for modern challenges.
Last year's convention was particularly memorable due to the graduation of around 60 accomplished women from the Online Institute for Women. For the upcoming convention, we have planned a special Sisters' Secret session on Saturday and an ICNA Sisters Family Get-together on Sunday.
Please refer to the Program Guide and the ICNACON 2024 App for details on all special programming by ICNA Sisters. We look forward to seeing you there!

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We have Neighbor-Nets and ICNA Sisters members in numerous major cities across the USA, forming a network of support and community engagement.
To connect with us, simply find a chapter near you: https://icnasisters.org/chapter-locator/